Over the course of this campaign, Mike has had the opportunity to share his story and reasons for running for Circuit Court Judge with numerous members of our community. Click their names below to see exactly why they are voting for Mike: 


Lt. Col. Ray Adkins
USA (Ret.)

"I'm excited that Mike Dumitru is a candidate for Hamilton County Circuit Court, Division II. There are certain qualities that every public servant should possess: integrity, intelligence, commitment, a willingness to listen, and the strength of character to make the correct, but sometimes difficult, decisions. As a veteran, community volunteer, and retired businessman, I easily recognize those qualities in Mike and I am honored to support his candidacy. Mike and his family represent the best of Hamilton County and he will serve our citizens with distinction."

William Brown
Hamilton County Circuit Court Judge (Retired)

“Having previously served as a Circuit Court Judge for several years, I know full well the commitment, character, and experience needed to serve in that position. During his legal career, Mike has shown me time and time again that he has the heart of a servant, the mind of a legal scholar, and the right temperament in the courtroom. There is no doubt in my mind that he is the right candidate for the job, and he has my full support and endorsement for who should carry on the legacy Judge Hollingsworth will leave behind in Division II.”

Click here to read Judge Brown's Letter of Support to the Chattanoogan.com.


Linda Moss Mines
Retired Educator and Community Volunteer 

“Mike’s academic and professional background demonstrate that he has the legal knowledge and discernment to serve as Circuit Court Judge. However, it’s his demonstrable core values of integrity, compassion, diligence, and selfless service that send the message that Mike Dumitru will work to assist every citizen that appears in his courtroom. The law is more than just words in statutes or documents; it requires the meaningful application of that text to the individual circumstances unique to every case. Mike respects the law and the residents of this community and he has the expertise to make a difference.”

Click here to read Linda's Letter of Support to the Chattanoogan.com.


Diane Parks
Retired, Director, Leadership Chattanooga

"I have known Mike Dumitru for approximately ten years, including his time as a member of the Leadership Chattanooga Class. As the former director of the Leadership Chattanooga program, I helped train and mold people into many leadership positions. Mike is no exception. He is a loving husband and proud father of two children, and his devotion to his family is an example of how committed he is to shaping the next generation of community leaders. He is a proven and experienced professional, and his career working as a litigator has prepared him to serve the citizens of Hamilton County as a Circuit Court Judge. I fully support Mike in his campaign to be the newest member of our local judiciary because I know he will do the best job for Hamilton County."

Zac Greene


Zac Greene
Member, Miller & Martin 

"Mike Dumitru is a skilled litigator with a wealth of experience in state court. He is smart and fair, and he is respectful to the court, the parties, and other attorneys. He follows the rules and expects others to do the same. He understands the need to litigate efficiently and conserve the resources of his client and the court. These attributes will make Mike an outstanding Circuit Court judge in Division II."

Click here to read Zac's Letter of Support to the Chattanoogan.com.


Barret Albritton
Partner, Chartwell Law

“Mike Dumitru is not only highly qualified to serve the citizens of Hamilton County on the Circuit Court, but he is the best candidate for the job. Having had the chance to sit down with Mike to discuss his judicial philosophy and desire to work with the practitioners in the Circuit Court, I find Mike to be an intelligent, conscientious attorney who will analyze and decide cases in good faith, applying his broad range of experience in litigation to the cases before his Court.”


John Germ
Former President of Rotary International

"I am truly excited to see and be a part of such a groundswell of support for Mike Dumitru as our legal and business communities work together to elect him as the next Division II Circuit Court Judge. The fundraising success we have had, together with our growing volunteer engagement and overall enthusiasm, show that Mike's personal story, conservative values, and judicial philosophy have resonated with people throughout Hamilton County. I am proud to know Mike, and fully support his candidacy."

Click here to read John's Letter of Support to the Chattanoogan.com. 


Donnie Hutcherson
Managing Partner, HHM

“There is no doubt in my mind that Mike Dumitru has the commitment, character, and experience needed to benefit and serve our community as Circuit Court Judge. In addition to his heart for public service and love of his community, Mike has the precise temperament needed to ensure that every person and case that comes before him will receive the attention they deserve.”


Marty Haynes
Current Hamilton County Assessor of Property

“Mike has the right experience and values to make a difference in our Circuit Courts. He has a strong knowledge of many the issues facing our citizens both inside and outside the business community, which I believe makes him the perfect choice to be our next Division II Circuit Court Judge in Hamilton County. I trust that Mike will follow the rule of law when making legal decisions, and you can too.”


Esther Helton Haynes
Current State Representative, District 30

“The caliber of our judges has a direct bearing on the quality of our courts, which is why it truly matters who serves in our judiciary. Mike has a deep respect for the law, and his background and experiences have given him a strong understanding of the crucial role it plays in our society. I know Mike will treat everyone with the utmost dignity and respect, ensure the law is applied equally to all, and protect the integrity of our laws by not legislating from the bench. I invite everyone to join me in voting for Mike Dumitru to be our next Division II Circuit Court Judge in Hamilton County.”


Vince Dean
Current Hamilton County Criminal Court Clerk

“Mike Dumitru exemplifies what our jurists need to serve Hamilton County residents well in this position. Mike is highly qualified, has the legal knowledge to make difficult decisions based on the rule of law, and most important, will bring the values and judicial temperament that we all need and expect in our courts. This is why I am supporting Mike Dumitru in this race and encourage everyone to vote for him in the primary election this May.”


Emerson Russell
Local Entrepreneur and Developer

"I know Mike, and I know his family. Mike has the values and character we all want to see in a judge. He is smart, willing to listen carefully to both sides of a dispute, and fair based on the rule of law. Mike understands the law and its importance to our community. Mike embodies all of these qualities and more, which is why I wholeheartedly endorse his candidacy for Circuit Court Judge, Division II. He'll make a difference in the courtroom, and Hamilton County citizens will be proud that they elected him."


Chip Baker
Current Hamilton County Commissioner, District 2

"You often hear people say that all government is local, and while it's cliché, it is very true. Who serves in local government matters because the decisions they make have a direct impact on our families, our jobs, and our community. Your vote is important, and I urge you to vote for Mike Dumitru for Circuit Court Judge, Division II. Mike's educational background, his values, and his years of courtroom experience, along with his active, engaged citizenship, make him the right person to serve as our next Hamilton County Circuit Court Judge. He has my full support and confidence, but more importantly, he has my vote."

Click here to read Chip's Letter of Support to the Chattanoogan.com.


Manny Rico
Local Business Owner and Former City Councilman

"I've always been involved in this community and I've met a lot of people during those years as a businessman and volunteer. You learn  to read people and their motivation. Mike Dumitru cares about Hamilton County and he's committed to our citizens and the judicial process. Mike has proven that he has the knowledge and temperament to be a great judge. His strong work ethic, understanding of the importance of responsive local government, and willingness to listen to community concerns makes him the best candidate in this race. If you don't know Mike, you need to meet him. You'll see what I mean; he's the real thing and Hamilton County needs him."


Darrin Ledford
Current Chattanooga City Councilman, District 4

"As an entrepreneur, small business owner, and Chattanooga City Council member, I value engaged citizenship and a demonstrated talent for leading and serving. Mike is an acknowledged leader in his profession, a proven scholar with an unparalleled work ethic, and, most importantly, a man of great integrity. I consider Mike a friend and I know he will be an excellent member of our Hamilton County judiciary. He has my vote and I hope you'll join me in voting for Mike Dumitru for Circuit Court Judge, Division II."


Tony Sanders
Former Hamilton County Republican Party Chairman

“I have personally known Judge Jeff Hollingsworth inside and outside of the courtroom for nearly 20 years. If you are looking for someone who will follow in the same footsteps, Mike Dumitru is your candidate. I have no doubt that he will bring to the position the same moral character, legal ability, and judicial temperament that Judge Hollingsworth has while honorably serving our community as the Division II Circuit Court Judge.”

Click here to read Tony's Letter of Support to the Chattanoogan.com.


Chip Henderson
Current Chattanooga City Councilman, District 1

"Mike Dumitru has the strongest qualifications to serve as Circuit Court Judge, Division II: commitment to serve the community, the respect of others in the legal profession, an unfailing work ethic, and personal and professional integrity. The choice is clear and I'm voting for Mike Dumitru for Hamilton County Circuit Court Judge, Division II."


Sam Elliott
Partner at Gearhiser Peters Elliott & Cannon, PLLC

"I have known Mike for a number of years, and have always thought he was forthright, professional, and extremely competent as a lawyer. He listens intently, works diligently, and will serve each person who approaches the bench with integrity. I firmly believe he will display the humility, patience, and temperament needed in circuit court, as well as the keen knowledge of the law that so important a position requires.”


Janie Varnell
Attorney at Davis & Hoss

“I am honored to endorse Mike Dumitru in his campaign to become our next Circuit Court Judge. Mike is an intelligent attorney with extensive experience in the courtroom. He is accessible and always makes time to sit down and meet with people in this community.  He is well prepared, a quality that is greatly important for a Judge in Circuit Court. He is decisive and unafraid to make decisions that will affect people’s lives, their families, and their careers. He cares about people rather than politics, a characteristic that every Judge should possess.  But most importantly, Mike has a passion for this job. I have seen his passion in many conversations he has had over the last year with citizens in this community.  He is a hard worker, he is dedicated to his family, and he will be dedicated to the people of Hamilton County.”


Gen. B.B. Bell
USA (Ret.)

"I fully and energetically endorse Mike Dumitru for election as Division II Circuit Court Judge of Hamilton County.  I have met with Mike, discussed with him his vision for excellence in our court system, and gotten to know him personally.  There is no one more qualified.  Mike is ready to take on this most crucial role in our judicial system.  Mike is a wonderful family man who loves his wife and is fully committed to raising his children to take their place as great American citizens.  I look forward to voting for Mike in the upcoming primary election on Tuesday, May 3, 2022.  Early voting begins on Wednesday, April 13.  Vote for Mike Dumitru!"

Click here to read General Bell's Letter of Support to the Chattanoogan.com.


Bill Mason
Community Leader

“The knowledge of law is required to serve as a judge and also the knowledge of the judicial system is required to serve as a judge. There is another requirement that a judge needs to make fair decisions: wisdom. Wisdom is needed to effectively use the laws that govern us and to use the judicial system for the benefit of our community. Vote for the candidate that will fulfill all three requirements. Vote for Mike Dumitru for Circuit Court Judge!"


Dr. Steve Highlander
Current Hamilton County Commissioner, District 9

"Mike Dumitru is a man of principled integrity. We can trust him to make fair judgments and serve our county with honor."


Richard Floyd
Former State Representative

"I’ve been involved in local government for decades and I know how important it is to elect the best candidate to our courts. Mike Dumitru is a proven leader in the legal profession, both here in Hamilton County and across Tennessee. His strength of character, dedication to serving all citizens by applying the law fairly, and extensive knowledge of the law speak loudly. Mike also understands the importance of protecting the integrity of our laws as they were written by our legislators. Most importantly, Mike will not legislate from the bench. These are just a few reasons I’m voting for Mike Dumitru. I know he will serve Hamilton County with integrity as our next Circuit Court Judge, Division II."


Buddy Blevins
Veteran and Community Leader

"I’m voting for Mike Dumitru for Circuit Court Judge, Division II because Mike’s knowledge, disciplined approach to work and willingness to lead by serving are exactly what we need in our courtrooms. He’s not afraid to work the long hours necessary to make the courts more efficient and he knows and understands the law. He’s a respected leader in the legal community and he will serve Hamilton County with integrity. Join me in voting for Mike Dumitru for Circuit Court Judge, Division II."


Jim Holcomb
Community Leader

"Local government is important to every citizen in this county and highly-qualified judges are necessary for the administration of justice. I’m voting for Mike Dumitru for Circuit Court Judge, Division II because he is a legal scholar and a highly-skilled litigator with years of experience working with judges, juries, other attorneys and clients. Equally important, Mike Dumitru is a man of integrity who listens carefully, deliberates thoughtfully and is committed to the rule of law. VOTE FOR MIKE FOR JUDGE!"


Chattanooga Fire Fighters Association, Local # 820

"The choice to endorse Mike Dumitru as the next Division II Circuit Court Judge was an easy one. Chattanooga and Hamilton County voters need strong leaders who not only have experience but have proven their character, heart for service, and dedication to the community. Mike Dumitru is one of these leaders, and we are very proud to offer our endorsement."


Maj. Gen. Bill Raines 
USA (Ret.)

"Mike Dumitru is a 'fine man.' In my family, that is a strong statement and reserved for only the finest. Mike is that and represents what our Country was founded upon. His family immigrated to America from communist Romania years after more than 20 of his ancestors were killed in the Armenian Genocide. They wanted a better way of life, freedom from tyranny, freedom of religion, and opportunity for their new 'family to be.' Incredibly, they achieved this when their son, Mike, worked hard for the opportunities that America gave him. His impeccable work ethic earned him a law degree from Vanderbilt University. Mike’s heart and sense of empathy drive his dealings with others. Based upon his 'roots,' he is passionate about the rights of all individuals and has demonstrated that in his 10+ years of litigation in court. His integrity is based on maintaining the courage and dream that his parents had when they first came to our great country. He’s blessed with a wonderful and supportive wife and two adorable children. He has worked vigorously to provide the same American values his parents sought to those he has represented, his family, and all others who will come before his Court.

Mike is not only a 'fine man'—he is the man for the job. Join me in electing Mike Dumitru to be our next Hamilton County Circuit Court Division II Judge."