"Mike Dumitru Is The Best Of Us"

On April 1, 2022, Heith Frost wrote the following letter explaining his support for Mike's candidacy:

I’ve lived in the Chattanooga area almost my entire life just over the state line, and I spent my former career working as a law clerk and attorney in Chattanooga. Today, I’m a business owner of a local trucking company, and I spend the majority of my time out in the country working at our family business or with my wife and two children.

My former colleague and great friend, Mike Dumitru, is running for Circuit Court judge in Hamilton County. I can’t imagine a better person for the job. My only hesitancy in writing this letter is that I can’t do him justice.

I’ve known Mike Dumitru for years. I came to know him when we practiced law together. Mike mentored me and always emphasized the importance of fairness, honesty, and the rule of law.

I now consider Mike and his family among my closest friends. I’ve even gotten to watch him and his family go through something I would likely never put myself through–a political campaign.

If I’m being honest, through all of this, what I can tell you now about the man is virtually unchanged from what I would have said years ago. Not only is he a great legal mind with a truly unparalleled work ethic, but he is a man of integrity who leads by example every day to show those around him–especially his children–the importance of kindness, patience, and heart.

I say all this for one simple, but important, reason. Through years of observing incredible and honorable judges and also of observing the man on your election ballot, I know one thing to absolutely be true. Mike Dumitru is not a politician; he is a judge.

Mike is good. He is true. And he is the same good and true man behind closed doors as he is in the open.

He values the rule of law and knows the importance of the duty bestowed upon those who wear the black robe. He isn’t in it for the glory, or the power, or political gain. He doesn’t even care about gaining the inevitable respect that comes with a title like Judge Dumitru.

Instead, he’s just a good man trying his best to serve his community and make it better for everyone around him.

Mike is a man who deserves to wear the robe. He is the best of us. Please vote for Mike Dumitru for Circuit Court Judge, Division II.

~Heith Frost

You can read the full article here: Mike Dumitru Lives A Life Serving Others - And Response - Chattanoogan.com


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